Global Oil&Gas Atyrau Exhibition 2017

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16th Global Oil&Gas Atyrau Exhibition 

Global Oil&Gas Atyrau is a regional event of the global industry! This event is unique and has no analogues in Atyrau region, in the region which is key and strategically important in the scale of oil and gas industry and national economy in general.

Why you should take part in Global Oil&Gas Atyrau

  • The main fields of Kazakhstan are in the territory of Atyrau region:

    - Kashagan field is located in the northern part of the Caspian Sea in territorial water of the Republic of Kazakhstan and occupies the territory about 75 km x 45 km. The original-oil-in place is approximately estimated at 4,5 billion tons of oil

    - Tengiz field is located in Atyrau region of Kazakhstan, in 350 km to the southeast from Atyrau. This is the deepest oil field in the world - supergiant upper oil-bearing collector of which lies down at a depth about 4,000 meters or 13,000 feet..

  • Atyrau city - OilCcapital of Kazakhstan, a member of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP), which includes 18 Oil Capitals of the countries.

  • More than 600 medium and large scale enterprises, share of which in the industrial output of the republic amounts to about 24% and more than 30% of them are with foreign participation

  • Capital investments in 2015 amounted to 1,4 trillion tenge, including external investments of 847 billion tenge.

Global Oil & Gas Atyrau 2016 statistics

  • Number of exhibitors – 95
  • Number of unique visitors – 1879
  • Exhibition area – 1369 кв.м
  • Number of participating countries – 11

Report on Global Oil & Gas Atyrau 2016 results

Exhibition opening hours

  • 11 April – 10:00 tо 18:00
  • 12 April – 10:00 tо 18:00
  • 13 April – 10:00 tо 16:00

Investment projects of Atyrau

In 2016 the implementation of the following projects is planned:

  • Management of steel structures manufacturing by applying robot welding method of “Zhigermunayservice” LLP.

    “Zhigermunayservice” LLP is a service and manufacturing company located in Atyrau. The company focuses on delivery of services on lease, repair, production of drilling, oil-field and non-standard equipment, construction of oil and gas field facilities, manufacturing metal ware and drilling rig. It possesses powerful production possibilities, including service, metal-cutting, forge, welding equipment, own oxygen extracting station.

    This project is for the machine-building industry of Kazakhstan. As a result of the project implementation there will be an opportunity to increase the output of high-quality metal products.

    1. manufacturing metal wares of any complexity (for mechanical engineering, oil and gas sector and construction);
    2. manufacturing equipment;
    3. production of drilling rigs;
    4. metal cutting;
    5. welding;
    6. internal drilling;
    7. bead-blasting treatment; painting.

  • “Centech” LLP, Cable Tray and Electric Switchboard Manufacturing Plant;

  • Manufacturing sealing and bolting at “Kazakhstan Integrated Services” LLP.
    Establishing competitive production of high-quality sealants and bolting to meet the demands of the oil and gas sector of Atyrau region.

  • Technological system of protective coatings of “TSZP Kazakhstan” LLP.

  • Expanding the capacity of Optical Cable Manufacturing Plant “PKF Continent Co LTD” LLP.
    Due to installation of FTTH production line expanding the capacity and range of products is provided for.

    In 2017 the implementation of 3 projects is planned:

    - Reconstruction and upgrading of Atyrau Oil Refinery (deep oil refining complex);
    - Production of flanges by “Continental Flanges and Fittings KZ” LLP;
    - Management of applying anticorrosive protective coatings on steel structures and other metal wares by method of hot galvanizing at “Atyrauneftemash” LLP.

Atyrau regional highlights

  • Atyrau is recognised as the oil capital of Kazakhstan
  • Atyrau is a member of the World Energy Cities Partnership which is committed to addressing challenges though the leadership and cooperation of 18 energy capital cities around the world
  • The Karashungul site was first explored in 1899, making Atyrau the oldest oil producing region in Kazakhstan
  • Kashagan is one the largest offshore oil fields discovered in the past 40 years, and is estimated to produce 6.4 billion tonnes, potentially positioning the country as one of the world’s top five oil producers
  • 95% of the country’s natural gas reserves are in West Kazakhstan
  • The bulk of Kazakhstan’s oil is exported via the CPC and Atyrau-Samara oil pipelines
  • Atyrau region has the highest amount of direct investments

Official Support 2016

  • Министерство нефти и газа Республики Казахстан
    Ministry of Energy of the RK
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    Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute
  • Association of Service Companies of Kazakhstan
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    Kazakhstan Welding Association

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