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Tascom Supply & Services – Oilfield, Industrial & Marine Supplier

«TasCom Supply & Services» LLP started operating as a supply company in Kazakhstan, which was established in 2011. The company specializes in material & technical supply local and international companies, delivers products from producers from around the world to large oil and gas enterprises of Kazakhstan.


The company is also a representative of multinational oil and gas companies that manufacture equipment and machinery in the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

ZARGES (Germany) transport and lifting equipment;
- Equalizer International Ltd. (United Kingdom) - tools for leveling and extending flanges, lifting equipment;
- IDROJET (Italy) – leader in the production and supply of extractors used in the oil industry;
- FloTenk (Russia) - production plant sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants of drinking and service water containers.


Our advantages:

• flexible delivery options from a manufacturer’s warehouse to a customer’s door and we deliver within a short period of time- we guarantee safe delivery of equipment and machinery;
• great quality of services at competitive rates;
• flexible payment terms;
• expansion and modernization of warehouse capacity;
• constantly expanding our partnerships network
• we take full responsibility for the safety of our employees and public and are fully committed to environmental protection;
• we focus on quality assurance;
• we care for our employees and provide them with regular professional training;

We are trusted by the big oil and gas companies, oilfield service companies and construction companies operating on the territory of Kazakhstan.

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