Farkhat Zamoludinov, Commercial Director of ZOOMLION (Kazakhstan)

The impressions from the exhibition are very good, we thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate. This exposition always brings positive results, awareness of brand and new customers.

Talap Zakharyanov, Head of Quality Control, NEWTECH SYSTEMS GROUP (Kazakhstan)

Today is the second day of our participation in the Atyrau Oil&Gas exhibition. The number of visitors and participants is very impressive, many are interested in our products. A lot of our potential customers and consumers came. I think that such exhibitions will give new impetus to the development of the economy of our country.

Kairat Birmanov, General Director of TEMPO (Russia)

At the exhibition, we were able to meet with key and potential buyers of our products in this region. These are Tengizchevroil and Embamunaigas. A number of service companies became interested in our products and our project. We assess the effect of the exhibition as positive, we liked everything very much.

Damir Sharafutdinov, BarsExpo Shoe Factory LLP (Kazakhstan)

Today we intend to present our product to the western region of Kazakhstan. We are not actively represented here yet, and we have few dealers in this region. At the exhibition we would like to present our product, to show that such a product is available on the market of Kazakhstan. We have a permanently operating warehouse in Almaty. We ship goods to all regions. The Exhibition is held at the highest level, we thank the organizers.

Asad Nasrullayev, Director and Founder of Debet Safety (Azerbaijan)

This is our first time in Kazakhstan and we are also represented at the exhibition for the first time. All three days of the exhibition were very eventful for us. We had a lot of useful and promising meetings. Our goal is to find distributors here with whom we can work in the future so that they represent our products in Kazakhstan.

Yerlan Nurmanov, Promotion Manager of Leser (Germany)

The impressions from the exhibition are very positive; in fact, the organization, as always, is at the highest level. We really like it. Since we are a foreign company and we do not have a local office here, everything was already organized for us. When we arrived, the stand was already ready, many thanks to the organizers.

Stefan Neukam, Regional Sales Manager of MWM AUSTRIA GMBH (Austria)

The Atyrau Oil&Gas exhibition is an excellent market. There are many of our potential buyers here. Thanks to these activities, we intend to become a leading supplier of products to electrical manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. Today we are working on concluding one contract, and we hope that in the future we will have success in the market of Kazakhstan.

Dilnaz Akmaliyeva, Manager of Erreesse Caspian Valves (Kazakhstan)

This is our first time taking part in this exhibition. We have very high expectations and are very pleased with the number of visitors. The purpose of our participation is to show large companies in the region our local production, and that it is very profitable to work with us. Thank you for organizing this exhibition!

Vladimir Volkov, Machinist company (Finland)

We have now arrived in Atyrau for the oil and gas exhibition in order to look and get acquainted with the local market and see how our equipment can be useful here. There are some successes: yesterday we had a meeting with customers from Karaganda, an industrial construction project is planned there, and today we will have a meeting with another potential customer. We have prepared an offer for the customer, we really hope that we will be able to complete the deal while attending the exhibition.


Anatoliy Klevtsov, Head of Procurement and Sales Department, StroyGazProm LLP:

Previously, our company took an active part in various exhibitions as visitors. This year we are presenting our equipment for the first time, we can say that this is our first exhibition at Atyrau Oil & Gas. The level of organization is, as usual, on top. This is a very good opportunity for any companies to establish partnership relations with our major operators of the oil and gas industry in western Kazakhstan and in general throughout Kazakhstan.

German Teplovodsky, Head of Representation MWM AUSTRIA GmbH:

The exhibition is organized perfectly, in my opinion. Yesterday we established at least ten useful meetings, we established contacts with potential customers. There is interest in our products. Kazakhstani oil companies are interested in our products, that is, in general, participation in the exhibition is extremely useful and promising for the company. The company celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. It is global, it is represented in many countries of the world, but we have recently come to Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, several small projects have been implemented, and we have big plans for Kazakhstan, both this year and in subsequent years.

Kuandyk Kalidullin, Director of the Social Policy Department of Embamunaigas JSC:

Our company has been participating in this exhibition for many years. This year we are the Gold Partner of the exhibition. The main goal of the Atyrau Oil & Gas exhibition is interaction and communication with companies from different regions and countries, mutually beneficial cooperation and exchange of experience on many issues. We are very glad to take part, in the future we plan to cooperate with ITECA. Thanks to the exhibition, we receive feedback from visitors. Since we are a mining company, we are waiting for proposals from oilfield service companies, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment. And in the future, our specialists work in this direction on applications and conclude contracts.

Olzhas Karibayev, Deputy Director for Project Support of GPS INVESTMENT LLP, QazaqGaz:

The company is the Gold Partner of this exhibition, we are very pleased with the organization. Here are the main subsidiaries. In general, we believe that we have achieved results at the exhibition, we have held many meetings, identified potential partners, we will continue further cooperation, in general, we are grateful for such a high level. We hope for further cooperation, that we will continue to take part in such exhibitions. Thanks for the organization.

Nadezhda Bychina, specialist of Perm Expert Center (Perm region, RF):

With the assistance of the Export Support Center of the Perm region, five export-oriented companies are present at the exhibition today. All companies produce equipment that can be applied in the oil and gas industry. For companies, this is not only an opportunity to demonstrate their export potential, but also to establish new contacts. For example, today a foreign trade contract was signed between Sun Capital Prices and PSS Export. For all companies that take part in the exhibition, the market of Kazakhstan is interesting. And I think that this is not the last exhibition in which we will participate with a collective stand from the Perm region. Moreover, many of our companies are already successfully cooperating with companies from Kazakhstan. The market of Kazakhstan is really interesting for the Perm region, because now is a difficult time, and many companies have decided to reorient themselves in terms of exports, and the market of Kazakhstan in this sense helps a lot.

Денис Казарин, заместитель генерального директора по диагностированию технических средств, к.т.н. ООО «НПЦ ПРОМТЕХ»

Наша компания участвует в выставке «Атырау Нефть и Газ» впервые. Я считаю, что выставка является интересной и отражает развитие нефтегазовой отрасли страны в целом.

На данной бизнес площадке мы встретились с компаниями, которые заинтересовались нашей продукцией. И я надеюсь, что с данными компаниями у нас сложатся продуктивные отношения в долгосрочной перспективе.


Adil Mukhambetov, Sales Manager Elster/ HoneyWell

This is our second exhibition in the last two years. The first was Kioge, which was held in Nur-Sultan last year. Of course there was a pandemic, there was a big pause for everyone. In the past, before the pandemic, we also participated in the exhibition. The Atyrau Oil&Gas exhibition was very dynamic, and several meetings have already taken place. We expect our participation to be as effective as possible, the audience at the exhibition is extremely enthusiastic. And after a long pandemic of restrictions, we were excited to meet customers and partners face-to-face. Our customers are definitely involved in it, because our company is strongly focused on the oil and gas sector in the field of industrial automation. And since this is the oil and gas capital of Kazakhstan, most of the customers, of course, are involved to it - these include those in the Atyrau region, the Ural region of the WKO, and the Mangistau oblast too. It was really exciting and informative. Thanks to the professional approach of the ITECA employees, of course, everything went smoothly, we are very satisfied - with our stand and the organization of the exhibition.

Konstantin Kazachok, Head of the Sales Department of Industrial tools Gateway Ventures

I have been working for this company for more than 12 years, and during this time we have been participating in the Atyrau Oil & Gas exhibition. This exhibition has always been interesting for us, and this year is no exception. There was a large inflow of potential clients, specialists from the fields, engineers and technical staff, and, in principle, we are quite satisfied with the results. There were very good contacts, meetings and negotiations. And potentially there will be orders in the future. The key companies in the Atyrau region are TCO, NCOC, and their construction contractors, which are our customers. All representatives of Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry are here. Because of the pandemic there was a break, the exhibition last year was missed, and now the industry is growing, oil prices have started to rise. We decided to participate, and we believe that it was the right decision.

Igor Tsarev, Director of EkoChem, Bashkortostan

This is the first time we've taken part in this exhibition, and our impressions are very good, and we have the right audience. During the exhibition we were visited by interested companies-customers and professional audience. We are suppliers of control and measuring devices, equipment, and we ourselves are the organizers of the production platform, which concentrates several companies-manufacturers, which we, in turn, represent as a trading house. We even had a contract signed with Mangistau Munaygas on the eve of the exhibition for the supply of 25 devices. We know that there is also great interest from customers in Kazakhstan for other devices, including moisture meters we have. And quite a wide range of other devices. Here our participation was organized by the EXPO-Bashkortostan Support Center. A collective exposition of seven companies from the Republic was presented. We have pretty good government support in terms of funding costs. And now there is a slight revival of activity again. Now we understand that our sanctions history is a new challenge for us, we have to align with the new realities and enter new markets.

Akylbek Kushenov, Head of the Production and Technical Department of Embamunaygas

We have been participating in the Atyrau Oil&Gas exhibition for more than 4-5 years. Such events are undoubtedly necessary for people to get to know each other, to learn about new products on the market. Our company is a pioneer in oil production in the Atyrau region. Today we are presenting our capabilities, looking for potential suppliers to develop our activities in different areas, including digitalization. We want other companies to have an opportunity to show their capabilities and products. At the exhibition we saw products that interested us. I believe that we - as pioneers in oil production - should always participate in such exhibitions and events of the oil and gas industry.

Aina Zhetpisbayeva, Chief Specialist in Public Relations and Mass Media of the Department for Relations with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan CTC-C JSC

This year our company is the Gold Partner of the "Atyrau Oil&Gas" exhibition. This is not our first participation; every year we use this platform to tell the public about our activities, including those related to charitable projects. For us this platform is very important, here we tell what we have implemented for the last year, what are the plans for the current year. Such exhibitions are very convenient for any company that has any productive activities. It gives an opportunity to meet different manufacturers, to get acquainted in real life, to check out types of equipment, service and products that are offered by the participants of the exhibition and make arrangements for future mutually beneficial relationships immediately on the spot. Such platforms provide a good opportunity to build effective communications.

Danil Reintgard, Executive Director of Pergamon-Kazakhstan

We have been participating in this exhibition annually for more than 10 years. We are always interested in oil and gas exhibitions, both those held in Almaty and the one in Atyrau, because our potential clients, end users and consumers of our equipment are here. Considering that we ourselves are manufacturers of specialized oil diagnostic equipment and represent global manufacturers of equipment for the oil and gas industry. Every exhibition is always going differently, thanks to our participation in 2022, we already have new contacts and new contracts. There are certain agreements with many companies, in order to cooperate mutually beneficially in the market of Kazakhstan. Now at this point we will not only work on closer cooperation in more detail, but we will also introduce new technologies to the market of Kazakhstan. We believe that participation in such events is the key to the success of any company.

Vasily Kolbasov, Sales Director of Cheta, Russia

We are taking part in this exhibition for the second time. The first time we participated before the pandemic, it was 2018. I would like to highlight three main points that, in my opinion, make this exhibition particularly successful. First of all, I would like to thank ITECA for the excellent organization of the exhibition! Here we meet customers from all over Kazakhstan and even from other countries. This exhibition is the first since the pandemic, and we are really noticing the interest in our equipment. We understand that people miss these kinds of events, and they look at the exhibit very carefully. The third point is that our company is very lucky that we are the only electrical engineering company, and all the power engineers come to us, check out our equipment, and they like it a lot. Because we offer replacements for well-known global brands, we produce competitive products, and we are more affordable and user-friendly for Russian and Kazakh customers. According to the agreement, customers will come to us for an inspection, check out our production in Cheboksary and ask us for quotations, and we will start working together.

Stanislav Kambarov, leading engineer at Huesker/Erbah, Germany

Our company produces geosynthetics for various areas of construction, including the oil and gas industry. This year is the first time we participate in such an exhibition, previously in Kazakhstan we actively participated in all exhibitions. The exhibition met our expectations, because times of pandemic affected the business quite strongly, there were few specialized exhibitions. In general, there are both potential customers and current customers with whom we already cooperate and supply them with materials. We have ongoing contracts for some obligations to our partners, and there are potential agreements and opportunities to participate in potential large companies.

Darkhan Duissenov, Expert of the KMG Engineering Analytics Service

We participate in the Atyrau Oil and Gas exhibition with our project relatively recently. Last year we participated in Kioge, and this is our second one. At the exhibition, we met the key users of our system and presented our project to new potential customers and partners. Since Atyrau oblast is an oil-producing region, all of our potential customers are located here. And they are participants of the exhibition. Our project is a project of digitalization in today's world, just in the post-pandemic world, when digitalization, new technologies are relevant, they have developed a lot during this time. And the relevance of our project has increased significantly. One of the growth points was the post-pandemic period, and it became favorable for our project. At the moment we have agreements to hold more detailed sessions and presentations of our project, and we plan to cooperate more productively with our potential client. The Atyrau Oil&Gas exhibition opens up opportunities in terms of experience exchange, attracting new target audience, and new potential key users of our system.

Andrey Kaledich Head of Hikvision Channel Sales Department

Our company participates in the Atyrau Oil&Gas exhibition for the second year, the first year was pre-pandemic, the second year was post-pandemic. We are leaders in the development of video surveillance systems, access control systems, we have a very wide range of products, more than 10 thousand items. There are clients on the site with whom we have signed certain agreements. That's why we participate here. It's interesting to us and we find new partners. We can see that people really missed such offline events, we saw a large flow of visitors, everyone enjoyed it very much after two years of isolation. We decided to take part in the exhibition in order to revive old contacts and make new ones. The expectations of our participation this year have been met.

Sulzer Switzerland Askar Sagindykov, SULZER (Switzerland)

We have taken part in the Atyrau Oil & Gas exhibition for the first time, and our expectations were fully met. During the three days of the exhibition we made useful contacts, and they can turn into good, promising ones. I was also pleased to meet existing customers at the site, we have always communicated with them online or by correspondence, and now, thanks to the exhibition, I was able to meet them officially, to shake hands with each other. During the pandemic, we couldn't meet with anyone, and it was this platform that allowed us to meet people anew, to talk, to socialize, to discuss. I noticed that the visitors, too, missed these kinds of events, just professional, highly specialized ones. The oil customers have the opportunity here to meet and talk to the equipment manufacturer, discuss problematic issues and move forward together.

Almat Kenzhebayev Project Manager, CIS Rosen

We participated in this exhibition in the 2000s, then there was a short break. Then we presented the company at KOPGE in Almaty. And here we are again in Atyrau. At the exhibition we met our old partners, got to know new ones, met interesting people, and made the right contacts. I think we will work with them in the future. We are all used to working remotely, I'm sure that face-to-face meetings are a new format and level of communication. People prefer to talk and discuss in person. We are a very well-known company in our field, but many people don't know about our other businesses. At the exhibition, we just presented our capabilities and new areas of our work. Our target audience is oil and gas pipeline operators, operators of large plants. And they are all represented here.

Денис Казарин, заместитель генерального директора по диагностированию технических средств, к.т.н. ООО «НПЦ ПРОМТЕХ»

Наша компания участвует в выставке «Атырау Нефть и Газ» впервые. Я считаю, что выставка является интересной и отражает развитие нефтегазовой отрасли страны в целом.

На данной бизнес площадке мы встретились с компаниями, которые заинтересовались нашей продукцией. И я надеюсь, что с данными компаниями у нас сложатся продуктивные отношения в долгосрочной перспективе.