Welcome Letters 2017

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan I am pleased to welcome the participants and guests of the 16th North Caspian Regional Atyrau Oil & Gas Exhibition - GLOBAL OIL&GAS ATYRAU 2017!

The Atyrau region plays a strategically important role in the development of the economy of our country.

For 16 consecutive years, the oil and gas exhibition GLOBAL OIL & GAS ATYRAU has been a meeting place for professionals, a communicative platform on which current needs and opportunities of the industry are annually discussed. The uniqueness of the event is that it is the only industry specific event in Atyrau region, which has become necessary and expected for companies and organizations of the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan.

Holding such events with a high degree of international participation becomes especially relevant today, as the oil and gas industry, as well as the whole economy are going through challenging times.

Our task is to increase the volume of investment and to introduce technologies that comply with international best practice. This exhibition serves as the most effective discussion platform for the exchange of views, showcases examples of successful implementation of technology and presents new developments and projects.

I am confident that the exhibition GLOBAL OIL & GAS ATYRAU 2017 will traditionally open new horizons for the development and cooperation for many companies and will give impetus to positive changes in the industry.

I wish all participants fruitful work and the best in achieving their goals.

Best regards,
Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
K. Bozumbayev

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Dear Exhibitors!

I am pleased to welcome the participants and guests of the regional exhibitions “Global Oil & Gas Atyrau” and “Atyrau Build”, which take place again in the oil capital of Kazakhstan.

In his Address to the People of Kazakhstan the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev highlighted the need to give impetus to the development of the traditional basic industries, industry and construction.

It is encouraging to note that this year the exhibitions will be held within the framework of the 4th International Investment Business Forum “ATYRAUINVEST-2017”, which makes the event even more significant. Throughout their existence these exhibitions have proven to be one of the largest and most relevant events for the entire country. The presentation of new technologies, projects and services in the oil and gas industry and construction contributes to the development of business in these areas. The activities held in the framework of the exhibitions are effective platforms for the discussion of the most pressing issues, where the representatives of domestic and foreign companies, as well as government agencies meet.

The Atyrau region, which has become one of the major industrial centers of the Caspian Sea region, moves beyond by continuing to increase production rates, introducing modern technologies, developing the sphere of small and medium-size business and attracting large investors. Currently, the region cooperates with more than 50 countries of the world. Over 1,000 joint ventures and foreign companies were established and have successfully been operating in the region.

The region is the leader of the country in terms of industrial production and investment attraction.

So, according to the results of 2016, the region produced industrial products worth 4.4 trillion tenge, the volume of investments amounted to more than 2 trillion tenge, from which more than 1 trillion tenge are external investments.

We intend to maintain the pace of social and economic development and to take the necessary measures to implement the Address of the Head of State to the People of Kazakhstan.

I wish all participants of the forum fruitful work and success in business!

Dear participants and guests
of the 16th North Caspian Regional Atyrau Oil & Gas Exhibition - Global Oil & Gas Atyrau 2017!

Let me welcome you on behalf of KazMunaiGas National Company!

For a long time the North Caspian Exhibition - Global Oil & Gas Atyrau has provided a reputable regional platform for the discussion of issues covering fuel and energy complex development and demonstration of advanced technology solutions for the oil and gas sector.

Annually, the Forum attracts the senior management of companies engaged in oil and gas equipment and technologies to Atyrau, the oil and gas capital of Kazakhstan. Thus, offering the exhibitors an opportunity to exchange experiences and conclude mutually beneficial agreements and contracts with key decision makers.

The current situation in the world and in the Caspian region, determines a number of challenges for Kazakhstan’s oil industry – including, in terms of increasing the efficiency of extraction and transportation of hydrocarbons, project management in the sphere of ecology.

It is symbolic that on the eve of the World Exhibition “EXPO – 2017”, which is themed “Green Energy”, the individual topics for discussion at Global Oil & Gas Atyrau 2017 are environmental protection and ecological safety of oil and gas production.

There is no doubt that active exchange of information, as well as the presentation of the industrial, technological and intellectual capacity of state and private companies at Global Oil & Gas Atyrau will be very useful for the further development of the oil and gas sector of the country.

I wish all participants of the exhibition fruitful work!

Chairman of the Board
NC “KazMunayGas” JSC
S. Mynbayev

Dear participants and guests of the annual international exhibition Global Oil & Gas Atyrau!

I am pleased to welcome you to this landmark event for the oil and gas industry, which is taking place in Atyrau - the oil capital of Kazakhstan.

This exhibition is a great opportunity for making useful contacts, business meetings, and competent discussions on the current issues within the fuel and energy complex. You not only have the opportunity to demonstrate the potential and achievements of your company, but also to exchange experiences with other business participants and outline plans for future cooperation.

Today’s exhibition in Atyrau is being held against the background of significant global market issues, including the imbalance of demand and supply and, as a consequence, the volatility of raw material costs. The joint efforts made today, by leading oil countries - OPEC members and the countries not members of the association - for the collective regulation of production volume, has certainly provided some resolve to current problems. And Kazakhstan, as you know, has taken an active position in the coalition. This theme, of course, will be highlighted within the framework of Global Oil & Gas Atyrau by senior managers and experts.

Meanwhile challenges stimulate response actions. For “KazMunayGas” Exploration Production” the result of such actions was the implementation of the transformation program to improve business processes. The introduction of technologies and innovations to improve productivity and reduce costs - this is the very core of the program.

Among today’s exhibitors there is the oldest mining enterprise of the country, one of the main assets of KMG EP – “Embamunaygas”. At this very site one of the transformation projects - the concept of the intellectual field has been approved for the first time in Kazakhstan. It is the integration of different models and systems, which allows us to unite all important production facilities. The whole cycle of extraction and processing of oil from the well to the delivery of oil at the field “Uaz” is equipped with complex systems of online remote monitoring and management of technological parameters.

The project helps to quickly determine the area of oil loss, increase the quality of identifying the causes of losses and controls production equipment, improves the efficiency of extraction and injection stock, as well as reduce operational costs and expenses on the operation of equipment.

The first results showed a reduction in energy costs by 30%, the on-stream factor of existing well stock significantly increased, and correspondingly the amount of underground repairs reduced. We have now started to cascade this concept at our other fields.

I think the experience of “Embamunaygas” will interest many people at the exhibition, as well as the unique designs of the other companies from different countries widely represented at Global Oil & Gas Atyrau.

I would like to note that we have much in common. Common business, similar interests, as well as the problems and challenges to be addressed. We really have something to talk about and maybe something to be agreed.

Therefore, I wish you all productive days at the exhibition, a great time in the glorious city of Atyrau and great success in Your business!

Best regards,

Kurmangazy Iskaziyev
General Director
“KazMunaygas” Exploration Production” JSC,
Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan
in the sphere of Science and Technology named after Al-Farabi

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan I would like to welcome all participants and guests to the 16th North Caspian Regional Exhibition - Global Oil & Gas Atyrau 2017!

The oil and gas industry for our countries is of key importance for the modernization of the economy and the implementation of industrial and innovative investment projects, and holding such large-scale exhibitions with the presence of Russian companies is the result of close historic ties that bind our nations. The venue for this event was not chosen by accident, as Atyrau is the oil capital of Kazakhstan, which takes an important geopolitical position and which, today, is one of the most dynamic and attractive investment regions of the country, where a number of strategic projects are underway.

Over the years, the event has established itself as one of the largest and most important events in the Caspian region of the country, bringing together representatives of the world’s oil and gas community. It is an efficient platform, which allows the participants to present the results of research and innovation, to discuss key issues of the implementation of advanced technologies in the sphere of exploration, production, transportation and processing of oil and gas.

Participation in such large-scale international events enables Russian and Kazakh companies to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, to summarize existing experience and to establish a strong connection for further development of cooperation between our countries.

I wish all participants, organisers and guests fruitful work, effective interaction, sustainable partnerships, good luck, prosperity and success in achieving your goals!

Trade Representative
of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan
А.V. Yakovlev

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Union of Oilfield Service Companies of Kazakhstan I would like to welcome to the annual International Exhibition Global Oil & Gas Atyrau.
The oilfield service industry is an integral part of the oil and gas industry in connection with this we support the event in every possible way.

Due to active international participation the companies of Kazakhstan have the opportunity to find new partners, investors or customers. By holding the meeting in the oil capital of the country, we want to show how developed the companies of Kazakhstan are and to convey to foreign companies all the benefits of partnership with local players in the form of joint ventures and consortiums.

We hope that this Exhibition will result in opening of new productions in Atyrau region, creation of jobs and the economic growth of the region.

The Union is always ready to provide support in the search for reliable partners and wishes all participants fruitful negotiations.


Rashid Zhaksylykov
Head the Presidium of the
Union of Oilfield Services
Companies of Kazakhstan (Kazservice)