Mass Media about Exhibition 2012

Oil & Gas 2012 exposition gets underway in Atyrau

The Oil & Gas 2012 exhibition has opened in Atyrau with over 140 companies from 15 countries worldwide taking part in the event.

This is the eleventh edition of the exposition which bears the unofficial title of the largest business area of the western region of the country. This can be proven by the number of foreign ambassadors attending the exhibition. The volume of contracts signed over the recent years has reached into billions of US dollars. This time, 140 companies from Germany, UK, Canada, France, USA and other countries are displaying modern technology and equipment in Atyrau. Previously, the show played a liaison role between the companies, whereas this year the Atyrau region administration is also taking part in the exposition.

Larissa Dzhumagaliyeva, Head, Atyrau Region Department of Entrepreneurship and Industry:
-We would like to tell our potential investors about the capacity of the region. We would also like to elaborate investors on what privileges they can get in the sphere of taxation, customs operations.

Yet another peculiar feature of the ongoing exposition lies in a large number of Russian and Belarusian companies.

Ilya Ionochkin, Company Manager (Moscow, Russia):
-At present, Kazakhstan has become more attractive our company. So far we have only worked within Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We are trying to reach a new market of Kazakhstan. For us, this is a very interesting project within the Customs Union.

Yevgeny Kolunin, Deputy Company Director (Bobruisk, Belarus):
-The Customs Union has significantly simplified activities in the commerce and purchasing for oil and gas companies and manufacturers. Customs clearance has also simplified as we don’t have to do it any longer. The receiver of goods has a big plus, because it does not have to deal with either customs clearance or temporary storage.

Belarusians are not only promoting their own equipment, but also actively studying the proposals from Kazakh companies that have gained considerable experience in the oil and gas industry.