Future Growth Project-Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP)


TCO’s FGP-WPMP is the next major expansion of the Tengiz field. It is a landmark project that will help to increase Tengiz production by 12 million tonnes of oil per year and maintain full production rates at the existing Tengiz facilities.


In July 2016, TCO’s partners approved the final investment decision for FGP-WPMP.

This was a significant milestone achieved by TCO marking a long-term partnership with Kazakhstan to deliver stable and reliable Tengiz production to benefit the future generations.

FGP-WPMP is a global project with execution centers in 19 different locations in 11 different countries.

Kazakhstani content is an integral part of TCO and FGP-WPMP activities. More than 45,000 Kazakhstanis working on FGP-WPMP in country, which is 91% of the total project workforce in Kazakhstan.

TCO has engaged Kazakhstani entities to participate in FGP-WPMP in engineering, procurement and fabrication services and has pre-screened over 2,100 Kazakhstani companies to date, with over 400 Kazakhstani registered companies involved on FGP-WPMP. More than 160 Kazakhstani companies were visited for capabilities assessment. KC spend since the project start made $5.6 bln


Project Engineering is being executed in Atyrau and in Almaty, as well as in the United States, United Kingdom and India. In 2018 Engineering progressed in support of Fabrication and Construction teams.

FGP-WPMP will be built of modules fabricated in Kazakhstan, South Korea and Italy and transported to the Tengiz oilfield for final assembly. Pre-assembled pipe-racks are under erection at ERSAI’s fabrication yard in Kazakhstan. Last year, 28 PARs delivered to 3GP and 3GI from ERSAI, Kazakhstan. Fabrication and supply of Frame 9 Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) modules continue in Avenza, Italy. First GTG delivered from Avensa, Italy earlier in 2018 enabled restacking the first GTG at 3GP. Additionally, sail away was achieved for 12 modules from South Korea.


Cargo Transportation Route (CaTRo) constructed from Prorva peninsula at the Northeast Caspian to the Tengiz oilfield includes a 71-km marine access channel, cargo offloading and storage facilities and a haul road. CaTRo is in operation and is used for modular cargo offload, storage and delivery to site in Tengiz.

Sail Away Sail Away 2

Tengiz is the location of the future project facilities that will include General Services and Infrastructure to support construction, Controls and Power, Oil and Gas Gathering System, Third Generation Plant (3GP) and Third Generation Gas Injection (3GI).

In 2018 General Services Team provided all critical services while delivering on infrastructure, permanent facilities and the Integrated Operations Control Center. 3GP Main Substation was set on foundation end of December 2018 by the Control and Power Team. The Gathering System Team progressed the Field Facilities and Pipeline work scope. At Third Generation Plant (3GP) concrete and underground piping works continue. In November first Gas Turbine Generator was restacked. At 3GI civil and underground works continue. In November 2018, first pre-assembled pipe-rack was set on foundation.


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