KMG Engineering LLP (hereinafter referred to as KMGE), the research and engineering center of KazMunayGas JSC National Company, takes participation at the "Atyrau Oil & Gas" North Caspian Regional Exhibitions with an extensive business programfor the first time in the history. Heads and key specialists of the largest Oil & Gas operators and subsidiaries and affiliates of the national company gathered in the oil capital to present the project.

“The western region of our country is the very heart of Kazakhstan's Oil & Gas Industry, whereas the North Caspian Exhibition is a prominent event in the region, bringing together Oil & Gas and Service companies. This is a great platform for us to present the advanced achievements of Kazakhstani engineers and programmers in the field of digitalization of oil production processes to increase the efficiency of production activities of the upstream sector. As part of the exhibition, KMGE offers an extensive program, which will give participants the opportunity to get an idea of the specifics and capabilities of the research center of the national company, as well as to discuss opportunities for further cooperation,” said Bakytzhan KHASSANOV, General Director (Chairman of the Board) of KMGE.

KMGE will present a series of workshops on 4 modules of the ABAI information system, that consolidates the data of the oil exploration and production block using Big Data technology, at the STEAM,  "JasSpace" space of the Abai Center, during all three days of the exhibition at the venue. ABAI allows to analyze a large array of data, use artificial intelligence to solve complex problems and visualize the results of the analysis in a convenient format. In total, KMGE is planning to create more than 20 modules to solve key production tasks of production companies.

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Exhibition participants can learn about the ABAI project, as well as digital developments of KMG Engineering in the field of safety for Oil & Gas sector employees and core analysis at the booth of the company.

Additionally, a business tour to the Center for Scientific and Laboratory Research of KMG Engineering Atyrau branch was organized for stakeholders to see the capacity of existing laboratories for oil, gas and water research, formation fluids, oilfield chemistry, environmental research and monitoring, geochemical research of oil, water and rock, research well drilling technologies and core material.

The "KMGE School: Experience of KMG Engineering LLP in Training Demanded Specialists for Oil & Gas Industry" seminar with participation of Altynbek Mardanov, Deputy Director for Geology and Development of KMG Engineering Atyrau Branch, concludes the business program of the event.

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