Tengizchevroil (TCO) is an integrated part of Atyrau Oblast. Our purpose is to create value for the Republic of Kazakhstan, our shareholders and the communities where we live and work. Since its founding, TCO has allocated more than $300 million for the improvement of social infrastructure in Kazakhstan.

TCO is especially proud of its Egilik Voluntary Social Infrastructure Program.

Since its implementation in 1999, many Egilik projects have improved the quality of life in Atyrau and Zhylyoi District.

TCO’s playlist demonstrates the successes of our social projects.

Retropark, Atyrau


Specialized technical gymnasium, Atyrau


Kindergarten in the village of Turgyzba, Atyrau Oblast


Clinic in the village of Akkiiztogay, Atyrau Oblast


Sport and fitness center in the village of Shokpartogay, Atyrau Oblast


Community center in the village of Inderbor, Atyrau Oblast

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