NASA technologies in the world market

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Pro-G Systems™ is a procedure management and execution tool for the connected worker. Through a step-by-step interactive process, your team can work together to build, use, and track field-ready operations, maintenance, and safety procedures. Pro-G is also designed to provide real-time data and generate reports of who, what, when, and where for verification and accountability.

It has its origins helping NASA reduce human error, minimize accidents, and increase workforce productivity. Today NASA is using this technology on the International Space Station and for future space exploration efforts. Pro-G is a solution that can be deployed in the Cloud or On-Premise and is scalable to thousands of users. With minimal upfront investment, this platform delivers on-demand access to accurate, safety critical, and up-to-the-minute, technology enhanced procedures, across your entire organization.


Key Features:

• View from any device - laptop, tablet, smartphone, or head mounted display
• Push field information for access anywhere
• Real-time data of in-progress and completed procedures
• Monitor time-on-task of workers in the field Provide site-appropriate safety checklists
• Automate data collection for compliance testing, inspections, and permits
• Capture asset inspections and maintenance history
• Generate auditing and accountability reports Build custom procedures, unique to your company

Advantages of using Pro-G Systems ™:

• Automation
• Fast-Track Training Visual Communication
• Compliance and Best Practices
• Safety and Risk Management
• Capturing Workforce Knowledge
• Asset Management
• Lower Operating Costs
• Auditing and Analytics