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«Caspian Radio Services» LLP has been present conducting business in the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2004 and provides aviation services: operation of aerodromes and heliports, air navigation services, supply and installation of equipment for aerodromes and heliports, remote piloting aircraft services (unmanned aerial vehicles) and etc.

We strive to be a leader in the aviation market in aerodrome and heliport operation, civil aviation services and be a lead provider of services based on the continuous improvement of operations, technical improvement, as well as maintaining organizational and qualification levels.

We offer new AI driven, drone-based enterprise solutions for large-scale data capture and analytics. AI-Driven Enterprise Solutions are already deployed, by our partners, on major projects within Oil & Gas, Power, Telecommunications, Renewables, Construction, Agriculture, Infrastructure and other areas around the world.

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Large enterprises around the world are benefiting from optimised management of critical assets and infrastructure, improved project situational awareness and sophisticated geospatial intelligence, enabling them to fully embrace digital transformation.

We and our partners provide end-to-end managed solutions services for critical assets in the power generation, transmission, telecommunication & oil & gas industries. Precise UAV inspection of assets combined with AI driven analytics and deep domain knowledge allow for the generation of actionable data for prescriptive and predictive reporting of asset health. Intervention and rectification solutions are then provided to address the identified issues, allowing the asset owner to focus on running their business, thus reducing operational cost. We can provide accurate aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirements, in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational down time

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Examples of services and solutions in various industries:

• AI-driven, Drone-based Full Lifecycle Asset & Facility Management Solution
• Provides accurate aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirements, in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational down time
• Individual checklist based on customer requirements
• Accurate asset health reporting using AI-drive drones
• accurate, drone based Ultrasonic Inspection to measure the wall thickness of metallic structures in elevated, hard to reach areas.
• accurate monitoring of cathodic protection corrosion prevention systems utilizing unmanned data acquisition methods
• Conducting fast, accurate pre-contract research
• Inspection of pipelines and product pipelines, including lying under the ground
• Inspection of power grids and telecommunication towers
• Inspection of any linearly extended objects
• Inspection of any high-rise buildings and structures
• Inspection of offshore platforms, marine terminals and offshore facilities
• Inspection of storage facilities and reservoirs
• Site survey and construction monitoring
• Operational monitoring of industrial facilities
• Agricultural Asset Management Inspection
• Monitoring of different stages of crop growth for precision farming.
• High-resolution data capture allows automated individual tree analysis for maintenance and planning optimization. AI-assisted Tree Counting.
• Emergency response, asset monitoring, perimeters and public safety
• Confined Space Inspection
• Topographic mapping
• Management and inspection of natural resources and the environment
• Detection of structural defects, including internal
• Monitoring the condition of equipment, its availability, performance monitoring
• Monitoring compliance with technology and construction schedules. Calculation of volumes of earth masses and other construction material volumes
• Surveys, including 3D scanning, mapping and dendrology
• Cargo movement control

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Our main idea of using UAVs is data capture automation and seamless process optimization. We go beyond data capture and the integrity of it. Our focus is on providing solutions to customer problem statements at a higher level!