Performing industrial coating maintenance either onshore (in refineries) or offshore (on platforms) remains a thorn in the side of process engineers and maintenance professionals around the world. The abrasive blasting process can cause disruption to operations; it can halt other maintenance activities; it can be harmful to surrounding equipment and workers.

At the same time, top-level challenges exist to (1) extend the operating life of capital assets and (2) continue revenue-generating operations – not disrupt them. To many professionals, abrasive blasting is a hindrance to their day-to-day activities. But what if it were possible to use abrasive blasting as a competitive advantage? What if one could make blasting and painting operations more controllable, safer, easier to contain and less disruptive? What if the same process could reduce downtime by hours, days and even weeks depending on the job? Thankfully it is possible now that the Sponge-Jet dry, low dust and low ricochet composite abrasive technology is available to oil and gas professionals in Kazakhstan.
Here's how it works...

Sponge-Jet Sponge Media™ is a composite abrasive available in 20 different types that could be used for any application. All medias provides dry, low dust, low rebound blasting capabilities unlike any other technology available in the market.

Each Sponge Media™ particle combines the containment capability of sponge and the cleaning and cutting power of ordinary abrasives. During the blast process, the pliant nature of Sponge Media allows its particles to flatten on impact (fig. 1), exposing the abrasive (the pliancy also reduces ricochet). After leaving the surface, the media expands, creating a vacuum – entrapping most of what would normally have become airborne contaminants (fig. 2). This is referred to as Sponge Media’s MicroContainment™.


The Basic Process...

Sponge-Jet Feed Unit™ equipment propel Sponge Media abrasives to the surface. A centralized panel provides adjustment of blast pressure and media feed rate allowing for precise control.

Sponge-Jet Recycler™ equipment classify and clean Sponge Media abrasive for reuse. Blasted media is collected and processed through an electrically or pneumatically powered classifier – separating reusable Sponge Media abrasives from oversized debris, and fine waste (spent media and contaminants).
Up to 95% of Sponge Media is recycled for reuse

sponge 2

Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, USA, Sponge-Jet, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of dry, low dust, recyclable abrasive blasting media and related high-production equipment. The Sponge-Jet process is recognized and used in over fourteen different industries with particular usage in the oil and gas – as well as in many other industries for surface preparation and maintenance activities.

The company remains dedicated – as it has been for over three decades – to developing and marketing innovative, cost-effective, low-dust solutions to the surface preparation, worker safety and environmental protection needs of a very wide range of industrial customers.

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