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The development of new oil and gas deposits in the desert, deep sea or Arctic is becoming increasingly complex. This calls for reliable suppliers who can meet the increasing demands for environmental protection and work safety.

Only a few suppliers in the market are able to fulfil these demands. LESER is a trusted partner for the Oil & Gas Industry all over the world and is able to fulfil all the technical industry standards like NORSOK, NACE 0175 / ISO 15156 or similar. You are looking for a supplier with a comprehensive network of technical sales project engineers and a dedicated project execution center that will support you from initial FEED phase to commissioning of your project. LESER supports you to get your new operations up on time and on budget.

The LESER Advantage

The need to develop more challenging production sites like deep-water, enhanced recovery or fracking leads to increasing pressures, back pressures and temperatures. LESER's product range is able to handle all these environmental demands. Our API compliant series API 526 and High Efficiency POSVs can be adapted with the LESER Alloy Concept and corrosion protection systems to fit all these needs.

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