Expertise Group has a strong foothold in Kazakhstan that, since 1999, has developed into 4 main companies: EXPERTISE LLP, KIOS LLP, KIOS MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS LLP AND KIOS TECHFLOW LLP.
Each company part of the Expertise Group is specialised in, and offers, specific services independently, in the market of pertinence, however the Group is combining forces and operates in synergy, to provide the most effective and complete service.

Expertise LLP, formed as a limited liability company in Kazakhstan in 2011, initially as engineering, manpower and recruitment provider within the Oil & Gas Sector, covering also the needs of group.

Since its foundation, Expertise LLP constantly strives to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions through evolving knowledge, know-how, innovative approaches, and proven practices tailored to the Clients’ needs.
Expertise has been involved in major onshore and offshore developments and at drilling/production installations with Kazakhstan major Operators and Contractors including NCOC, KPO (ENI, Agip, Saipem, Tecnomare, Tecninco, Exxon Mobil, BG, Renco, Ersai, Caspian Ocean, PSNK LLP, Isker Consortium, etc.) where Expertise LLP has experienced an approach oriented to a sustainable development of the Local Content in Kazakhstan.

Nowadays, Expertise has expanded its activities to encompass a wide variety of services meeting its Clients’ constantly growing needs and successfully maintains leading positions as reliable provider of:
- Manpower and Recruitment Services
- Project Management Services,
- Multidisciplinary Engineering
- Wind Measurement Campaigns
- System Automation
- Supply of E&I equipment
- Switchboards, RTU, PLC, SCADA system
- Packaged skids and substations.
for Oil & Gas, Oil Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining, Renewable Energy, and other sectors.


Having the offices in different cities of Kazakhstan, Expertise has a full geographical coverage to provide a full range of services to our Customers throughout Kazakhstan.


The Company’s Upstream Division dedicated to the Wellhead, Christmas Tree Installation and maintenance solutions provided to KPO has been successfully operating since the late 1990s. The company very first activities in Kazakhstan started on the Upstream side of the business and, since then, know-how, knowledge and expertise have been gained bringing KIOS to be considered a reliable and trustworthy partner. 

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The activities performed included the core business of the company (Wellhead & X-mas Tree Installation and Maintenance as well as Well Integrity Management) but other services have been performed across KIOS’s history as Fishing and Milling, Wellbore Clean up, Downhole Tool Rental and Instrument & Control have been performed in its history.

The Company’s Downstream division was later created on the back of the experience gained on the Wellhead section to develop services for the gathering and production area of the fields including, but not limited to, the valve and actuator services.

Initially providing on-site service provision, KIOS then set up a Plant Maintenance Workshop in Aksai, specifically dedicated to both UPS and DWS maintenance solution which is now covering an area of 3,400 sqm plus 33,000 sqm of yard area in Aksai and a workshop of 1,400 sqm with a yard of 1,500 in Aktau.

KIOS has operated in its history in complex fields as KPO, Karachaganak Oil Field and Facilities, NCOC, Karabatan & Kashagan Oil Field and Facilities and Total, Dunga Aktau Field. The challenges presented on the fields have been turned into opportunities for development through a continuous and transparent discussion with KIOS clients.
KIOS has been participating in Major and Partial shutdowns, providing light and critical Valve Maintenance Services with an integrated project team in support of the day-to-day projects’ activities.

It can also pride itself of its key role in the commissioning and start-up of Phase 1 Kashagan Project.

KIOS provides valves and actuators repairing and testing, engineering support, service management, commissioning, start-up activities, shout down and project management, valve supply, valves diagnostic, condition monitoring, training programs on operation through:

 - In country 360 degrees site service (provision of spares parts and urgent assistant system)
 - Direct stable organization in the Country (KIOS workshops network)
- Mobile workshop services (mobile workshop systems)
- Ensuring global operations onshore and offshore, covering three regions in Country.

Thanks to the experience gained and the consolidated presence in Kazakhstan, KIOS has developed strong and consolidated partnerships with leading OEMs, transferring and localizing in the operating environment of the Western Kazakhstan the necessary know how for the provision of services and operations.


KTF was developed to perform specialized Critical Refurbishment Services for our Clients as the Valves Re-engineering and upgrade of any Valve brand with the in-country manufacturing capabilities of spare parts.

KTF services and products are designed, manufactured, and tested according to the highest available standards and we are committed to continuous improvement.

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KTF reached the most important system certifications and product licenses operating in compliance with all the main applicable international industry standards.

KTF has been able to localize production of components to help and expedite the Critical maintenance of the Valves and may count of a workshop in Aksai, located in the same area of the KIOS one, of 2,150 sqm plus an additional 12,000 sqm of yard area.

Within the workshop might be found state of the art machines as Hydraulic test benches, Gas test bench, LTT test bench, Column drill machine, CNC Vertical Lathe machine, CNC Ball Grinder machine, Mill machine, Horizontal lathe and Automatic Welding equipment to name of few.

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KIOS MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS LLP (KMS) located in Atyrau can count on a workshop area of 1,600 sqm and a yard area of 2,000 sqm.

 KMS has the focus of reproducing the successes had KIOS in Aksai related to the Valve Maintenance and Refurbishment but to expand to all those services where the Group’s expertise can be applied.

The workshop has a state-of-the-art machines as Hydraulic test benches, Air compressors, Column drill machine, Air driven or Electric grinders, Air driven or Electric drill machines, Lathe machine, Mill machine, Torquing unit, High pressure washing machine and Welding machine.

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