Borkit Safety LLP is a leading Kazakhstan supplier of PPE

Borkit Safety LLP is one of the leading companies in Kazakhstan, which has been providing the oil and gas industry of the country with high-quality goods of personal protection, professional safety equipment and accompanying services for more than 17 years.

Together with its own production of special protective clothing, the company is specializing in delivery of a wide range of PPE from the world level producers: special protective clothing and shoes; PPE and accessories designed to protect head and hands; eye and respiratory protection equipment; protective corrective glasses; fireproof protective clothing; chemical protective clothing; winter protective shoes for work in severe climatic conditions; aluminized fireproof protective equipment; means of protection from falling; movable and fixed gas analytical equipment; calibrating gases and compounds; respiratory equipment and self-rescuers; explosion proof lighting equipment; containers for safety storage of flammable and explosive liquids.

Borkit Safety LLP is a partner and an official distributor of companies such as Baffin, Blackline Safety, Bolle, BW Technologies by Honeywell, Calgaz International LLC, Delta Plus Group, DuPont, Ergodyne, Giordani Giancarlo, Honeywell Safety Products, Justrite, Porwest, Pyramex, RAE Systems by Honeywell, Scott Safety, Timberland PRO®, VF Imagewear, Wolf Safety Lamps.

Delta Plus was established in 1977 and is one of the biggest European producers of industrial protective equipment, special shoes, and clothing.

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Portwest is a company with more than 10 years of history in the production of working clothing and personal protective equipment. The primary focus of Portwest company is a production of high-visibility clothing (light-reflecting special clothing), suits for welders and oil industry, production of working shoes. Besides, there are working gloves, standard special clothing, and PPE.


DuPont is a leader in the production of protective overalls with a limited operation period: Tyvek, Tychem; fire resistant material Nomex.

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