Flexible installation cables EPOX for oil and gas industry from the largest manufacturer of OJSC «PE «PODOLSKKABEL»


The latest development of OJSC «PE «PODOLSKKABEL» for oil and gas industries is flexible installation cables EPOX. It is a result of the effort of our total team. Proceeding from the requests of our customers we could include into trade mark EPOX better technical and operative properties of Installation cables.


The advantages of flexible installation cables EPOX are :

• the resistance to high temperatures up to + 80°С;
• operation at rated voltage up to 660 V including;
• resistance to corrosion;
• increased service life up to 35 years;
• opportunity to fabricate cables with a single core;
• higher ability to transfer current;
• higher distance to transfer the signals;
• better protection against noices;

It is possible to introduce the technology of water blocking when make EPOX. So it prevents the penetration of moisture in case the sheath is broken.

Please note that EPOX cables can be made in fire resistant, cold resistant, oil resistant types and also in the type of spark safe as well.

Epoks VFngА

When the insulation of cross linked polyolefin is in EPOX cables you can provide the best frequency features and sustain the highest long time currents in the case of short circuit.

Epoks VKngА FRLS

Flexible installation cables EPOX are the universal designs which you may employ in different industries in the type : installation cable; power cable; control cable; monitoring cable; interface cable; etc.

Basic advantage of EPOX is an opportunity to select the required design for the customer, proceeding from real tasks.

EPOX cables from one of the leading factories in Russia. OJSC «PE «PODOLSKKABEL» are much more better than similar import cables from the point of view of many technical features, fire safety, reliability in operation.