Transition to digitalization is a step towards the prosperity of oil industry

Gold partner of annual exhibition "Atyrau Oil and Gas 2018" - JSC "Embamunaygas" will speak at the event as the organizer of forum "Digitalization of oil production process".

Currently, the largest oil companies have divisions engaged in development and implementation of concept of digital oil field: "Smart Fields" by Shell, "Field of the Future" by BP, "iFields" by Chevron etc. The same divisions have the largest national oil companies, including Saudi Aramco, Petrobras, Kuwait Oil Company. Analysis of world experience of functioning of oil fields with a system of digital oil fieldsshows that its introduction leads to increase ofprojectORI by 10-20%; speed of making managerial decisions increases by 20-40%; operating costs are reduced by 30-50%; profit increases by 10-35%. The forecast of digital oil fieldsystemuse against growing need for use of innovations and against decline in production provides for increase in productivity and maintenance of oil production. In general, the world oil and gas industry plans to invest more than $ 1 billion in creation of digital oil fieldover the next 5 years.

Implementation of state program “Digital Kazakhstan” is a top priority and the main strategic direction of country's development. Pilot project of digitalization of "Uaz" deposit of JSC "Embamunaygas" was launched in February 2016 in production structural division of OGPD "Kaynarmunaygas". The concept of digital deposit provides continuous processing of data on operation of deposit for operational control and rapid decision-making.At the same time, safety is increased, production risks are reduced.Today, parameters of “Uaz”deposit wells in online mode are transferred to dispatcher office of OGPD. In parallel, all information is sent to the Center for Visualization of Production Processes, where it is also analyzed and long-term planning is carried out on its basis. At the same time, specialists of all branches of company's management are involved in the process of remote monitoring and management of oil production facilities.

Since introduction of the project, cost of consumed energy resources has been optimizedon the deposit: energy consumption has been reduced, due to optimization of downhole equipment operating ratio of well stock and overhaul period has increased, respectively, the number of underground repairs has been reduced. Accounting of produced oil for each wellhas been normalized. All this will make it possible to recoup the investment within 2-3 years from the time the concept of digital deposit is introduced. In September 2017 the concept of digital deposit of JSC “Embamunaygas” was recognized as the best in the IX All-Russian competition "Top 10 IT Projects for Oil and Gas Industry", and the project entered state program "Digital Kazakhstan".

The program of forum "Digitalization of oil production process" is focused on practical application of solutions in exploration and mining industry. In the course forum, the participants will be offered information on implemented projects in the field of digitalization and prospects of this direction by the example of domestic and foreign oil companies. In addition to implementation process, forum business program includes a section that presents solutions for assessment of industrial performance indicators. In the final part of the program, a discussion will be held with participation of government officials, the management of JSC “Embamunaygas”, JSC NC “KazMunayGas” and representatives of international oil companies

It is expected that in the forum "Digitalization of oil production process" the Minister of Information and Communications of RK Abaev D.A., the Minister of Energy Bozumbayev K.A., the General Director of JSC EP “KazMunayGas”Iskaziyev K.O., as well as international experts of the industry.

The event is officially supported by the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC NC “KazMunayGas”, JSC“Exploration Production KazMunayGaz”

The organizer of the exhibition "Atyrau Oil and Gas" is Kazakhstan exhibition company “Iteca” and its international partner ITE Group of Companies (Great Britain).